Baby Blues


Hi, my loves! 

Happy Monday! Today's outfit is a baby blue wrap dress from Lucca. I got it at a sample sale in the showroom I work at in America's Mart. From working wholesale and shopping retail, I feel like my perspective of shopping is different. Every time I see something I always think of how much it would cost if it were wholesale price. Then, I think of how it would be cool to be a buyer but that's a different story. I paired this dress with some simple sandals from Madewell (which are on sale now!!) and a cheetah printed chained purse to spice things up. I'm not a huge print person, but cheetah shoes or purses are my jam. I would have to say that this dress is low cut and hard to wear sometimes, but overall it is super comfy, great for the summer, and I really love this blue color and the ruffle details. Paired with some black booties with a heel and it'll make a great look for going out to the bars. And there we have it, a simple chic look that looks cool and effortless. Until next time, ciao!


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