Beetlecat Meow


Meow! Hello, loves! 

I know this week's post is a day late, but thank you so much for being patient! I had some bridesmaid duties to attend to yesterday and couldn't get to a computer to edit some last minute touches; however, this week my photographer and I (mostly my photographer) made a video for you guys! Let me know if you like it, hate it, want more of it, etc. 

My style this week is based on simple vibes and I love how the restaurant, Beetlecat, looks like outside. I love the clean cut and green plant vibes. I wish I could have stayed to eat lunch; I have never tried the food there but heard great things about it. Definitely have to check it out one day! 

Onto the outfit: my jeans are Levi's white jeans and my sunglasses and sweatshirt are from vintage shops in Athens, GA. I went back to visit the college I graduated from, The University of Georgia, and they have a ton of cute vintage shops there. If you live or go to school there you should check them out! 

Hope you enjoyed today's post! I enjoyed sharing with you guys and it was fun to see what's in the city of Atlanta! Until next time.


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