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Hey babes!

So, you know when it is Monday and you're at work late and exhausted from Sunday Funday, and all you can think about is being anywhere else but the office? Well, I totally feel you! Personally, I would love to be at the beach right now with this outfit on. This outfit is a little summery, but I love it. If you live in the south you know there is no real "autumn" here and the weather is so bipolar (end of October and it is still warm outside). However, it is getting a little chilly in Atlanta, GA so I would pair this outfit with some booties and a leather jacket. You'll be looking so chic! I'll keep this first blog short, but I just wanted to say that I'm so happy to share with you guys this post and I'm excited to hear from you all. 

Top: Zara// Bottoms: Zara// Shoes: FrancoSarto// Bracelets: J.Crew// Curvy Rings: Madewell// Mesh Ring: Tiffany&Co.// Lipstick: Revlon Stay Matte Collection

Hope you guys enjoyed this post. Head over to the about me section up top to get to know what Monday Nalu is all about. Until next time! 

-T V

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