Checker Pisces


Hi lovers!

This outfit is inspired by checkers. Even though the tiles are red and black, I just like the checker pattern. Keeping this look very minimal with a checker blazer and some silk white pj pants.// Blazer and pants are thrifted. I love the detailing of the blazer with the velvet sleeves and pockets, the beaded buttons, and the oversized boxy shape. Some people aren’t into the boxy look, but I think it’s fun and playful. The black and white look reminds me of those Chanel shoots done in B&W, that or an orea am I right? haha

I accessorized this look with a simple pair of pearl earrings and a diamond gem bracelet. Since the look is simple, I thought a pop of red lipstick would tie the look together.

This outfit can be worn on date nights, business meetings (just make sure you cover up), or even brunch with some friends. I love finding cute and flirty outfits for less, and I think I write a lot in my blog about how to save money on clothes. Thrifting is a fun way to find that special gem that not a lot of people have. Any thoughts on thrift shopping?

Until next time, loves.

Teresa VuComment