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Hello, my babes!

Dang, it has been forever since I've been on the blog! I've been super busy with traveling for work and been juggling different projects. It's great to be back home with my Monday Nalu family! This photoshoot was taken on a rainy day inside Ponce City Market. I have been digging the minimalistic look lately, and I think I finally found my style with a mixture of streetwear. Two of the most comfortable looks. I rather wear loose clothes then super tight, not being able to breathe clothes. Every time I go shopping, I always reach for cream and black clothes. What can I say? I love the basics. You can't go wrong with that right?

This button down short sleeve shirt is super easy to throw on and paired with some jeans. I added a gold watch to spice the outfit up. Here's a little tip if you don't already do this, but when you wear a looser top, you should try and wear a tighter bottom and vice versa. This is because you don't want to have both top and bottom to be baggy. This way, it will give you an illusion to make you look a little skinnier. Unless you're on a runway and want to do whatever the fudge you want to do.

Keeping this post super short and sweet. Next blog post I will be talking about how to pack a light makeup bag, which is hard for me!! Stay tuned for my favorite makeup that goes with me everywhere!  

Top: Zara// Jeans: J.Crew//Necklace: Vintage Finds// Watch: Tory Burch

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