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Hey Loves!

Hope y'all are doing well on this lovely Monday. I'm super excited to talk about Valentine's Day coming up. Just to let you know that I absolutely hate Valentine's Day. I think that this "holiday" makes people feel sad and people eat their sorrows away with ice cream and commercialized red and pink covered candy. But that's just my opinion and I'm not hating on anyone who loves Valentine's Day. Personally, I don't like it because it makes people feel alone and depressed. This year I decided to not hate Valentine's Day and teamed up with Rose Lane Agency to put together a Valentine's Day party to promote woman empowerment. With everything that's happening with gender discrimination today, we thought that it would a great idea to host an event to touch upon the topic. We wanted to bring together girl bosses and help each other out instead of tearing at each other's throats. We wanted a space where young woman can come together at a safe place to network and hear each other's stories and dance the night away! So, if you're bad ass and loves girl power then come out and join me at the Sadie Hawkins ATL. Hope to see you there! 

With Love, 


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