Little Alleyway


Hi, my loves! Happy Monday!

Hope everyone got some vitamin D in this weekend. As I was exploring Atlanta, I was so happy my photographer found this little alleyway! He was telling me how it reminded him of the alleyways in Japan and, although I have never been there before, it inspired me to explore more into the culture. The only thing I can relate to Japanese culture is the amazing food! One of my favorite food to eat would probably be sushi. My top two favorite food would be pho and sushi, hands-down. // Side note: if you're a sushi lover check out this adorable iPhone case! // Anyways, where was I? Yes, back to the topic of Japanese culture. I'm so intrigued by the fast fashion the country has developed. From anime to crafted cuisine to fashion week in Tokyo.

My mom has studied abroad there and has told many stories about the beautiful culture. She has even attended a traditional Japanese wedding where they would spend hours doing their makeup to look flawless. Curious as I am, I took some of my mom's old pictures, in Japan and mixed it with an edgier look. In the picture she was wearing a kimono, but since Japan is known for their vibrant streetwear style, I wanted to create a look that is simple, but by adding the accessories makes an outfit look more put together.

I paired a simple black tank top (Madewell) with some high-wasted button up shorts (F21), Madewell belt, and sandals from Target. What ties the whole look together aside from the jewelry is the purse! I think this purse is funky just as Japanese fashion and I'm obsessed with it! It is definitely a statement piece. And there you have it guys, my inspiration of the week! I'll have to visit the country one day, who wants to join? 

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