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Happy Monday, my loves! 

So, I just wanted to address the fact that I deactivated my Instagram for a week because I needed a social media break. BUT now that I am back, I'm pumped to share with you guys some good stuff and some not so good stuff. Today, I wanted to share with you one of my biggest struggles in life, which is: anxiety. I want this creative platform to be the real, genuine, raw me. With that being said, lately I have been feeling not myself, and I'm not too sure why. There are a lot of new changes happening in my life, and I think that might be a reason why. However, the feeling of being anxious (at least for me) is almost like you have knots in your stomach and chest all the time, you're sweaty, and it makes you very unease (almost like you're numb and can't move). If you're anything like me, just know that:

1.) you are NOT alone//trust me when I say you are not alone. I felt like no one was experiencing what I felt and that something was wrong with me. But this is why I wanted to share with you my story of battling anxiety so you know that I am here with you 100% and I hope I can help you in any way// 2.) it takes time and practice to manage it, being patient is key! 

Linda Dillow says, "Anxiety is that which divides and distracts the soul, that which diverts us from present duty to weary calculations of how to meet conditions that may never arrive. It's the habit of crossing bridges before we reach them." 

So, a brief background story about me is that I use to want to go to dental school, but then I realized that that was not the route for me and I knew I wanted a career where I can be creative. Changing a career path is not easy and super stressful because now, more than ever, you feel very lost. I'm not going to go into specific details of all the moments I felt anxious, but the big picture is that stress and caring too much about what others think of you is a huge part of why I have anxiety. 

A few things that have helped me over the past and still to this day are: meditation/reflection (learning how to love yourself), deep breathes, and vitamin D supplements/eating healthier.

Taking time out of your day to meditate and reflect on the things happening in your life helps you to be more self-aware of not only yourself but others. Doing this helped me to reason out why I feel the way I feel and to dig deeper into my emotions. I have the hardest time trying to express myself through words when I am talking to someone, but with meditation, I can set aside time to analyze specific problems, put words to them, and try to find a solution for it. When I do feel anxious, I tend to take deep breathes and think positively; this might be cliche but it does help, and you're training your brain to think differently and for the better. Sometimes being anxious and depressed are because you have a low deficiency of vitamin D. I know I have a low vitamin D count from my doctor; however, I didn't realize that anxiety and depression could be linked to it. I'm so bad at taking vitamin D pills, but I know when I was taking them consistently and eating healthier I felt like I had more energy and felt more of myself.

Side Note: eating almonds can help with anxiety as well. Almonds have vitamin B and magnesium in them, which produces a key chemical called serotonin that will help regulate mood and relieve anxiety.

I know this blog post was long to read, but I wanted to share this with you guys because it is something I struggle with in the past and still today. Importantly, I hope I can help anyone who is going through the same thing that I am going through. Just know that you are not alone and it is possible to manage.. Don't give up!

Videos (click here): Lo Bosworth from Laguna Beach suffers from anxiety and depression, and she talks a lot about it on her social media outlet.

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