Monochromatic Twist

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Hey, my loves! 

Welcome back, my friends! Today's look is a monochromatic twist. Everything is monochromatic except for the shoes. The season of "sweater weather" has finally reached Atlanta and I am not mad about it. This outfit is super cozy and comfy, as always. I know a lot of people rave about Black Friday shopping; however, in my opinion there are the same deals/sales throughout the holiday season, for clothes at least. I got this oversized sweater last year from H&M for $7 (what a steal!) My favorite pieces of this outfit are the high-waist knitted culottes (the most comfortable thing to wear) and the ankle booties (super comfortable, you might freeze your feet off but you'll be looking fire!) 

Outfit: Cable-knit-sweater: H&M (similar), (similar), (similar)// Knitted-culottes: Zara (similar), (similar)// Shoes: Topshop (similar)// Purse: J.Crew// Jewelry: Madewell

Side Note: H&M is having a huge sale going on right now. The blazer you saw me wearing two blog posts ago is on sale now!! 

Until next time!

-T V

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