Sandy Cheeks


Good morning, loves! 

This week has been a super busy week for me with the Atlanta Apparel Market. If anyone of you who lives in Atlanta and have always wonder what goes on at America's Mart? I have an answer for you. Basically, it is just three buildings full of wholesale items from home goods to accessories to clothing. The Mart, not to be confused with Super H Mart, is a really cool place to see how wholesale works and how to be the middle man of every business. The showrooms inside the Mart carries several brands, so my job is to manage certain brands and make sure the clients get their orders in and is shipped on time. Not a super glamorous life, huh? But it is interesting to see how relationships form through buyers of retail stores and us middle-men. We have so many clients that it can be easy to loose track of people, that's why my job requires a lot of organizing and following up. What I have learned through this industry is that people are crazy and you always have to back up your trail. 

Anyways, getting back to today's outfit post, I'm wearing my favorite one-piece swimsuit, it is from River Island. They are a European brand and I got it a year ago on their website. They have awesome swimsuits and I love the one-pieces and high waisted swimsuits lately. Maybe because I like hiding my stomach? But I think there are a lot of cute pieces on their website (not a spokesperson for them). Let me know what are you favorite swimsuit brands because I get really picky with swimwear. haha Until next time, loves!


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