Spring Stripes No. 1

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Hello my loves! 

Happy Monday! Today's outfit was inspired by stripes. Every time I think of spring time I think of the color white, stripes, and floral prints. I wanted to do a "stripe" series to show the same outfit but in two different locations. So, you guys will have to wait for next Monday to see the second of the stripe series. This week I have been feeling a little uninspired and it is kind of hard to find a good location to take pictures. Every week I feel rushed to take pictures, edit, and post, so that's why I wanted to take time to be more creative and more thoughtful and do this mini series. I have my photographer to thank because he helps a lot with locations, where to take pictures at. Have you guys ever felt burnt out or not yourself? I'm not too sure if it's because I'm still hurting from falling off a penny board or what, but hopefully I'll find inspiration at the Real Friend's Art Exhibition this Saturday, March 24th! Hope to see you guys there!! 

Also, Chrome Yellow Trading Company is a super rad place in Atlanta, GA! Coffee + Cool Aesthetics + Merchandises= Totally rad. 

Outfit: Dress: Dress Up//Shoes: BP//Rings: Madewell & the Kate Middleton's inspired ring I got from America's Mart//Bracelet: Michael Kors//Purse: Arcadia


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