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Happy Monday!!
Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend. This photoshoot was nothing like I had expected. Sometimes in life you just got to go with the flow and that is what I did this weekend. I am usually a person who likes to have control and I like to plan things out; however, I have learned to be more spontaneous in my life. I think it's great making plans and following through, but when plans don't follow through (which is a lot of times in my life for the past years) you just got to go with it. Usually when you lower your expectations you seem not to be disappointed. That was the case this past weekend. This photoshoot idea was completely finessed. The story of what happened was that I actually fell off a penny board and landed on my tailbone and upper back and got the wind knocked out of me. I couldn't breathe for several minutes and my chest, upper back, and tailbone was in severe pain. I guess I can laugh at the whole situation now, but this photoshoot was painful and took my photographer and I great lengths to even shoot. Overall, I had fun shooting at the Avalon which is a cool hang out spot in Alpharetta, GA. There are different stores you can shop at and different restaurants you can go to. Dog friendly and I would recommend checking it out. 

Outfit: Velvet Shirt: Madewell// Jeans: Old Navy. Thrifted// Headband or Bandanna: Madewell// Shoes: Tretorns  


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