Launched in 2017, Monday Nalu is the social platform that incorporates beach vibes with real work life. Inspired by her nephew, nalu (nah-loo) is the Hawaiian term for wave/surf. After spending so much time with the little nugget and watching his favorite movie at the time, Moana, she discovered the word ‘nalu’ from a short clip by teen vogue and the cast member who does the voice of Moana.

The creator of Monday Nalu was born in Los Angeles, CA but raised in Atlanta, GA. As a lover of the ocean, the sand, the long wavy hair, the sun-kissed skin, the swimsuits, the sunset beaming against the waves, every Monday she goes on with her busy life. She may be a busy woman, but she loves to share her creative thoughts and ideas. This blog is about a girl who longs to always be at the beach but she can’t because, well you know, life happens. Who is this girl? Well, she is a relatable girl who loves fashion, beauty and celebrating the little things in life. How is she different than the millions of bloggers out there? She just keeps it real and blogs for herself without giving a f**k of what others think. Life is too short to be shy. To be honest, people keep asking her fashion and beauty questions, so she created this blog to answer them.

Monday Nalu is a movement where individuals can come together to read, explore, comment, share, and relate to the same interest. There is no judgment here. Just positive vibes. So, what gets you through a Monday?